The boards consist of highly compressed EPS foam.

In comparison to standard styrofoam it's much harder, tighter and doesn't crumble when cutting. 
The material is so hard that a grownup person can stand on a board without deforming it, although a board of
30 x 30 x 2 cm only weighs 75 grams.
Hardness and stability are comparable with styrodur. But it's much easier to paint because it's not coated and the color
doesn't roll off like it often happens when painting styrodur. 




Easy to expand / cut

Cutting the boards with the foam cutter is very easy because of the perfect 90° angles, perfect grooves and fields.  
At the edges the boards are sloped, just as wide as half a groove. Putting 2 boards thogehter another perfect groove is
formed and the passage is nearly invisible.



Stone texture

The boards have a stone texture so that a simple dry brushing is enough for a fine optical result to get a ready to play condition.



Using the different heights of 2, 4 und 6 cm, walls, corridors and rooms evolve without wasting precious playing area
by installing walls. 



With a tile size of  2,5 x 2,5 cm the boards fit to many popular board games and miniature bases and offer 144 fields
to play and have fun with. 

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